What Makes a Commercial Space Attractive?

Nowadays in the UK, with the rise of online shopping we are seeing more and more high street stores closing at a rapid rate. Lower footfall, increasing rent and increasing wages are also contributing to the strain bricks-and-mortar buildings are feeling; these have been unfortunately leading to store closures and jobs lost. Not only is this affecting businesses and their employees, but vacant spaces are not good for the local community, and areas can quickly become neglected and derelict if not maintained. We will have a look at a few things that potential tenants are looking for when searching for a commercial space.


If the building is suited to a particular business

A restaurant is obviously going to have different requirements to a lawyer’s office, so if you are to build your commercial space, build for those who you would like to attract. If you already have the space, this means when marketing and searching for tenants, you will want to target those who fit the criteria. Using the same example as previously, you wouldn’t search for a law firm to be your tenants if the space is clearly built for a restaurant. Extractor fans, multiple bathrooms and a industrial kitchen would obviously not be ideal for a law firm, so don’t waste your time going after them.


Built in technology

Whole building CCTV, keyless entry, room scheduling software and high-speed internet access are all additions to a space that could be the difference between lukewarm interest and prospective tenants fighting over the space. It’s usually the more modern buildings that have more technology built into them, but there are still many older ones that have been sufficiently maintained and updated enough to still be attractive. Such technology can keep the overheads lower, i.e. less need for a guard or receptionist if you have keyless entry or room scheduling software.


Have clean and working bathrooms

Older buildings tend to have more problems with their plumbing as the pipes may be older and not well maintained. This could lead to future issues which may be costly to fix. Remember, as with life, prevention is better than the cure! If prospective tenants come round and see that the bathrooms are in a bad state, if they aren’t put off immediately, then you can likely expect an offer far below one which you would like.


Natural light

Not only does natural light in an office look and feel better, but you save a lot by not using your lights as much; and if we know anything about businesses, it’s that they like to save money! Prospective tenants will have a better feel for your place if there is a lot of natural light, so consider having big glass doors and floor to ceiling windows if possible. It has been proven that natural light is better for the body than artificial light, and businesses will be aware of this effect on their employee’s health.