Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship!

The sum of all the parts in todays educational landscape is presented in this TEDx video. The speaker, Alex Eckert or @alexeckert, Vice Principal at Livermore (CA) High School, suggests we get out of the way of our students, and allow them to have powerful ideas. Let us not just package and deliver content. Think creatively about solutions and creating ideas that have power. By cultivating their entrepreneurship, in collaboration, risk taking and by allowing our students to be artist every single day. Join us in this fabulous discussion that I am sure will inspire us all to change what we do tomorrow.


Q1: We should ask our kids, strong questions. Let’s ask ourselves some… Please include which question you are answering like: 1.1 or 1.2

  • 1.1 – Were you innovative today?
  • 1.2 – Did you design something today?
  • 1.3 – Tell me what you created today?
  • 1.4 – How were you an artist today?
  • 1.5 – Did you have any cool ideas today?

 Q2: From birth to 3 our children learn so many things, all without a learning objectives. In other words, it just happens. How can school take the passion out of learning?

Q3: We don’t teach subjects or content, we teach students. How much time do we give to preparing lessons, units, and our classroom around our learners, not just our content?

Q4: Design thinking is an important step in education today. However, everything in school is designed for the student. What if students could design their own assessments or units? What are structural changes Ts could make to allow for student created units/assessments?

Q5: What if Ss could cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit in school. Learn to take risks. Practice is organizing and managing tasks with initiative. How could we develop and evaluate collaboration and risk taking?

Q6: What if ideas, innovation, design, entrepreneurship, and the arts were the focus of our schools or classrooms. How could we take the first step in creating this environment?

Q7: Let’s get out of our students way. Let’s have them develop powerful ideas. Let’s make ideas the focus. What steps can we take in our own classrooms to shift from content knowledge to powerful ideas?

Q8: We have discussed a lot about the future of education and our classrooms or schools. Lets answer @alexeckert powerful ending question… What are you going to do next?


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