Welcome to the second part of my Google spreadsheet series. This spreadsheet is designed to kick butt. It is a quick written response system. Many LMS, learning management systems, allow for students to hand in their work to the teacher. However, these systems make the retrieval of that data rather clunky. Big Brother, a google sheet that uses a google form, is the perfect collection point for any unit written assignments or formative assessments. Create your form, and then share with students the link and away you go. You are able to see who hands in the assignment on time, their word count, and the average word count all at a quick glance. Then you are able to see each student’s entries connected with this data in an instant. Check it out. This is more complicated than the Super Grouper, however, it is a very powerful and worth the small learning curve.

To get your own copy just click the link below and load Big Brother. Then, click file and make a copy.

Copy Big Brother here

Other Tools:


Super Grouper

Fast Formative

Postmaster Plus