Flipped Drama Classroom

The Flipped Drama Classroom (click here to download the workshop’s Needed Links document)

This is an intro to my workshop at the Educational Theatre Association’s annual conference.


As Drama teachers, we know…being able to present oneself with confidence is a strength successful people possess. We want to instill into our students this confidence. We also know that getting up in front of an audience and performing develops this confidence. We play theatre games, do acting exercises, and perform skits with our students.

But let’s be honest…how much valuable class time is wasted giving directions and explaining the rules. How often does a whole class period go by in which we read some of the script aloud, watched a clip from the movie that is on Youtube, discuss the strong acting choices that were made…and then the bell rings to end the period. We look back on the class, only to realize that we have turned into a class where the students are sitting down and we, the teacher, present them with information.

The amazing opportunities that should make a Drama class different, exciting, and engaging are often loss to the same old teaching styles that plague math, history, science, and English teachers.

The answer to this challenge is simple…talk less, do more! With a Flipped Classroom, you can give the students a wealth of information, directions, and feedback outside of the classroom setting. This allows the precious classroom time to be used for active learning!

Outside of Class

  • Directions to Games and Activities
  • Readings of Scripts
  • Important Terms and Vocabulary
  • Video Clips of Performances
  • Incorporation of More Theatre History
  • Examples of Other Students’ Work
  • Reflections
  • Quizzes and Tests

During Class

  • Acting Exercises
  • Improv Game
  • Rehearsal

With all the amazing technology tools at our fingertips, there are countless ways prepare students before they come to your class and to keep the learning going once they step outside of the four walls of your classroom. Join us for a workshop that introduces some of the new technology teachers are using and that will inspire you to make a change in your teaching!