Remote Working – 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider It

Variety is the spice of life, or so they say. Being given the opportunity to work how you want can really enhance your life in ways you wouldn’t usually expect. I myself consider myself lucky enough to have the option to either work from the company office, or from home. That means that if the weather is poor, I can decide to work from home and not waste time commuting in miserable conditions. However, if I want to get involved more closely and see my colleagues face-to-face, I have the option of going in and doing so. My work does not suffer at all; in fact the flexibility given to me has made me a more organised and efficient worker. Below I shall explain how so, and give you reasons why, if possible, you should consider working remotely.

Time and money saved travelling to and from work

Londoners on average spend over two hours a day travelling to and from work (worse depending on the weather); wouldn’t that time be more suited to resting and working? By working remotely, you would also negate the need for the majority of your transport costs, which any commuter can attest to being pretty poor value.

Working remotely also doesn’t mean you have to be completely excluded from physical meetings. If needs be and you are required to attend one, your company would do well to invest in a conference room scheduling display, so any meetings created online through their app, will immediately appear in the system and be displayed.

Eating better

By working remotely (usually from home), not only am I saving money on travel, but also forgoing buying my morning coffee, quick lunch, and if I’m working overtime, dinner. This all adds up pretty quickly, and the food choices are not the healthiest.

When I am at home and not in a rush, I am able to cook my own meals, fresh and at a much lower cost. One regular lunch meal for me at work would cost around £5, whereas that amount can buy me enough ingredients at the supermarket to cook myself three meals! Being able to prepare my own meals also means I know exactly what goes in them, and I can safely say I have never had a healthier diet in my life.

You’ll be more productive

Who is usually in a good mood after a long morning commute? You’ll rarely come into work and hit the ground running, so for the first hour or so you’d usually spend trodding along until the work begins to pile up and you are forced to deal with them. This may not be for everyone, but personally, I am able to control myself when it comes to distractions such as watching TV, surfing the internet, or scrolling through social media.

Many arguments against working remotely are that with little or no oversight from your superiors, you can be prone to getting distracted, but I beg to differ. Being able to work at my own pace rather than have someone looking over my shoulder has allowed me to produce better quality of work. If you don’t work well being micro-managed, then working remotely could be of benefit to you.