A Simple Guide To Upgrading You Office Space

This guide is not solely focusing on tenants of office spaces, but is equally relevant for landlords and prospective buyers. Like most properties, by offering them in good condition can really improve the chances of finding a suitor. It is a very simple thing that many sellers or landlords amazingly overlook. As well as being in good condition, spaces with a modern look and equipment could also attract more positive attention. We will look at a few things landlords and tenants can do in order to upgrade their office space. Whether you are looking to find a buyer/renter or just looking to improve your office space on a budget, here a few things you can do to upgrade your space.


Have a high-speed internet connection

Nowadays, this is almost a basic requirement for tenants to even consider your office. You could have a nicely designed and furnished office, but if the internet is slow, that is more than enough of a dealbreaker. Before you move to an office, ensure that the area has a high-speed connection or if it would be possible to get one without a big outlay.


Add extra storage

While most offices are moving away from keeping physical records and moving into digital, they may still require storage for what they currently have. A cluttered office is very off putting and the simple addition of extra shelves and drawers could be enough to keep these hidden. Prospective buyers or tenants will like to see efficient use of space, as well it being clean and tidy, and this is a very simple way of accomplishing that.


Update your meeting rooms

Meeting rooms are no longer just blank rooms with a conference table and chairs; in fact nowadays many are equipped with widescreen tvs, conference call systems, and a conference room display outside with all the details about the meeting on show. By offering these “bells and whistles”, you could increase the attractiveness of the office. Anything that could save them money and maintenance in the long-term, be it modern technology or generally high quality products, is a big plus in the client’s eyes.


Increase natural light

Not only will this save you money on the electrical bill, but studies show that, no surprise, we prefer to work under natural light as opposed to artificial light. Make sure good quality windows are installed to prevent the cold from getting in or heat getting out, as well as maximizing the amount of light entering the building as possible. Increasing natural light could actually be the cheapest upgrade or change you could make to an office, and the effect on employees will be evident immediately.

These upgrades are pretty simple to implement and the benefits gained from them are much more than the money or effort invested in it. Usually, the best upgrades are not always the most expensive or noticeable, but are the subtlest improvements to the work environment.