#Edbean Twitter Chat2
Tuesday, January 6th, 2015
9:00 CST on #Edbean

Topic: Classroom Management


Over the last decade education has talked a lot about differentiation. We as educators should connect and meet the needs of our diverse learning community in our classrooms. Differentiation’s new version is individualized learning. What ever the name does not matter. It is a powerful concept and one that deserves our attention.

As teachers, or should I say as humans, it is easy to produce a classroom that we would be successful in. The real trick is to make a classroom that all can be successful in. Tonight’s twitter chat we are going to discuss¬†how we meet the needs of all of our students. I hope you are able to join us and share your thoughts on this topic.


Storify of Chat

Here are the discussion questions:

Q1: Students respond best to authentic educators. How would you classify your teaching style?

Q2: Our classroom management works wonders with some learning styles and are at odds with others. What type of students thrive & what type of students struggle in your class.

Q3: Struggling students need that little extra time and attention. Two things that teachers need more of, as well. What are strategies that help busy teachers meet these students’ needs? #edbean

Q4: Often our time is taken with struggling students while our more independent students achieve with ease. How do you challenge these high achievers? #edbean

Q5: A big part of classroom management is behavior management. How do you help overly energetic students slow down, focus, and process their learning? #Edbean

Q6: Though Introverts sit quietly, we cannot overlook their needs. How can we encourage these students to participate in class discussions, and help them confidently share their thoughts and ideas?  #Edbean

Q7: Though we can break students down into categories, the truth is they are all in front of us every day at the same time. What are management techniques for instructing/reaching all these students at the same time in one classroom #Edbean