This weeks chat is all about old school. In this digital, fast paced, and often crazy world we live in we are surrounded by new and innovative designs. As seen in this video for Ikea 2015 catalog with the introduction of the BookBook. Equipped with new tactile technologies that let you feel the pages.

I for one, love the digital age. I am a techie and proud of it. However, that does not make every new idea or technology a good one. Tonight’s chat is all about the old school ideas that can be reinvigorated to help support our learners today.  Come and share your project ideas, lesson plans, topics that have its roots in the old school that we grew up in. Can we create a new spin on these lessons, projects, and units? Lets come together and find out.



Storify of Chat


Q1: Fun times in and out of the classroom. What are some memorable experiences you had in your school that you could bring back to life in your current school?

Q2: A bookbook, like a how to guide, is much more than just a consumption device it is a creation device. How do we move Ss to see modern technology as creation tools and not just consumption devices? 

Q3: Because of gDocs & eBooks, the phrase “the written word” no longer makes sense to our Ss. What are ways that you build in intentional, hand written work into your class? 

Q4: Spicing up a diarama, spinning the creative wheel on a research paper, or something totally new… Kicking it old school is this week’s theme. What old project can you giving new spin? 

Q5: From crowded market places of China, to the steps of the Senate in Rome the use of the voice in the classroom is as old as dirt. What are some new ways to spice up the ancient art? 

Q6: Love tweets and instagrams, but also love the tactile technology of the 2015 Ikea catolog. What ways can we create an old school “social network” in our classrooms and beyond? 

Q7: The Maker movement has put a premium on creativity, thinking differently, and finding solutions. How can you embrace the maker movement in your class, (not with devices and 3D printers)?