You don’t have to take life the way it comes to you. You can design your life to come to you the way you want it. This week’s #Edbean chat will help stir your creative juices and inspire you to really get in touch with your dreams. However, having dreams is not enough. A goal is a dream set into action! Our hope is that this chat will not only inspire you to think about your dreams, but also to take those dreams and act on them! The truth is, most of us are so busy doing what we think we have to do that we never get around to doing what we really want to do. We are so worried about being who others need us to be that we never stop to reflect on who we are and how we can be better. The Power of 5 challenges us to set five year goals in five areas of our lives: Family, Career, Health, Finances, and Spirituality. Intentionally focusing on all five areas allows balance in our lives. Giving ourselves five years allows us the time to really make a change. The Power of 5 looks at five steps for setting and achieving our goals.

  1. Think Big
  2. Break it Into Doable Chunks
  3. Believe In Yourself
  4. Surround Yourself with Support
  5. Know Your Finish Line

Over the next 5 years, what do you really want to do? What do you really what to have? Where do you really want to go? What do you really want to be…or better yet, WHO do you really want to become? As educators, we focus A LOT of our energies on others. Join #Edbean on Tuesday, January 16th at 9pm CST and take a little time to step back, take a deep breath, look at where you’ve come, and make a plan to get to where you want to be.

Q1: The CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt’s mission was simply to collect all the world’s information & make it accessible to everyone. In 140 characters, state your mission in life!

Q2: We have so much in our lives, and everything needs our attention. In Q2, we are looking beyond just our Career Goals! What do you see are the benefits to setting 5 year goals in different aspects of your life?

Q3: Our lives are filled with both good & bad, success & failure. Don’t “go” through life, “grow” through life! Name two things you like most about your life and two things you would like to change.

Q4: “Most people don’t aim too high & miss. They aim too low & hit.” ~ Bob Moawad. Don’t be afraid to think big! What are some goals you would like to achieve in the next 5 years?

Q5: Nobody runs marathon without training. No one sits & writes a novel in one day. Break It Into Chunks! What are some smaller steps you can take to achieve your long-term goal?

Q6: If success was as simple as just setting goals, everyone would be successful on January 1st! What do you anticipate as roadblocks to achieving your 5 year goals?

Q7: We all need high fives in our success & help up in our defeats. Who in your life can offer you support in achieving your goals?

Q8: Running through the finish line, checking the “done” box, or crossing it off your list…we all know how good it feels! Take a moment to think about the end. How will you know when you’ve achieved your goals?

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