Time: 9 CST
Date: OCT 21ST

As successful teachers we all have little things that we have figured out to help our classes run smoothly. At Edcamp Chicago last year there was a session on Eduhax which was great. The speaker, @joemacchia, started off talking about what he considered to be the first classroom Hax. In his words, the tennis balls on the bottom chairs to stop all the noise was the first. I thought this session topic was both a unique and fresh topic as well as a helpful one.

tonight’s #Edbean topic is much the same. What classroom hax do you use to run your class smoothly, maximize time, and give the students the best possible.


Storify of Chat 


Question List:

Q1: All Ts have busy days. What little things do you do to help you prepare to get ready for a successful class period? #Edbean


Q2: Bell ringers & the last five minutes are times to make an impact. How do you excite, assess, or challenge Ss in this time? #Edbean


Q3: Some Ss finish work earlier than others? What are some things you do in class when Ss are completing work at different times? #Edbean


Q4: Big impact can take little effort. What small things can Ts do to have a big impact our Ss lives? What stops us? #Edbean


Q5: What systems do you put in place for the everyday occurrences? Bathroom/locker Qs, missing homework, absent Ss ect? #Edbean #eduhax


Q6: Collection of Ss work and giving feedback are also systems that could be streamlined. What do you do with these? #Edbean


Q7: Are there some #edtech tools you use to enhance some of your classroom systems & processes? #Edbean