I am a Drama teacher. I work with Middle School students (5th-8th grade) in the art of Theatre. While we do improvisation “games” and theatre exercises, while a lot of what we do may look like “play”, make no mistakemy students are learning an invaluable skill.

No, I’m not talking about acting. I am under no illusion that my little Middle School Drama class is going to turn out Oscar award winning performances (however, just in case it does, part of my 5th grade student contract, requires them to thank me by name in any performance award speech, so I’m covered!). No, I accept that very few, if any of the children I teach will pursue a career in theatre performance. However, while I am not preparing them to be actors, I am preparing them for a life on stage. After all, “All the world is a stage”right?

Whether our┬ástudents grow up to be doctors, lawyers, or business people, even if they simply work as cashiers at McDonald’s, they will need the ability to speak well and present themselves with confidence. They will need public-speaking skills to be able to express their thoughts, questions, opinions, and answers.

Join #Edbean on Tuesday, October 7th at 9pm CST, to discuss the importance of public-speaking skills, how we can nurture our students’ “spotlight” confidence, and steps every teacher can take to encourage public-speaking, presentation, and performance skills in their classroom. No, we’re all not lucky enough to be Drama teachers, but every teacher needs to help their students know the needed content AND be able to confidently and intelligently share their brilliance with the world.


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