Welcome to the first #edbean chat of the new school year! We are excited to get started with a great discussion on strategies for beginning the school year off in dynamic and innovative ways. Sure we can pass out our syllabi and talk to the students about rules and expectations, but I bet some of the Edbean community do things a little different. How do you start your school year? What are some activities you do that really engage your students from day one? We know that establishing expectations right away is importantdo you have a fun and creative way you communicate them to your students? Sure,¬†we’re all a few classes into the new year, but it’s not too late to create something that really impacts your students! Join us on Tuesday, September 9th at 9pm CST, as #edbean discusses the Do’s and Don’ts of having a successful start! Like our first days of school, let’s start #edbean off with a bang. Be enthusiastic! Be energetic! Be More Dog!


Storify of the Chat