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Edbean: Ideas Worth Sprouting is a podcast by passionate teachers who love to grow and develop their craft. It is the goal of these educators to start the dialog about the ever-changing nature of education. They will tackle a variety of topics and enjoy having guest educators join them. Enjoy listening, and please feel free to comment on iTunes about any of our podcasts.

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Episode 018 – Writing Circles

"Student Voice and Student Choice" is a trendy educational mantra these days, yet putting into practice can be difficult. Joining edbean.com for this podcast is 6th grade English teacher, Brad Dunning (@USMBrad). He shares with us his experience implementing writing...

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Episode 017 – Goals For Change.

We all know the importance of setting goals. Goals give us direction, help in decision making, and offer a sense of accomplishment when met. However, for many of us and our students, goal-setting remains something that is simply not done with any regularity or...

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Episode 016 – Moonshot Thinking

Does this sound familiar? You make a goal and set out to try to achieve it. Something goes wrong, put a band-aid on  it. Something is broken...figure out a quick fix and keep moving on. Something doesn't quite work...no time to start over, keep building. So many of us...

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Episode 015 – Maintaining Excitement After Day One

For both teachers and students, it's easy to get jazzed for the first day of school. Teachers look to start off with a bang. Students, even if they don't want to admit it, look forward to seeing their friends, having new classes, and meeting new teachers. On the first...

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Episode 014 – The New Edbean

Why Change? By a lot of standards, edbean.com has been a big success in the 20 months since it was first created. Just over 14,000 original views, 32 Twitter chats, 13...make that 14 podcasts, and countless blog posts on a wide variety of educational topics. We have...

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Episode 013 – Six Teachers Talking PD!

Today, we at edbean.com had the pleasure of working with three teachers from Denmark. Now before you get too crazy over the international coolness of that last sentence, you need to know Denmark, Wisconsin is not international. In fact, it's just 90 miles away, but...

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Episode 012 – Edcamps: Learning for Free!

Episode 12, is all about the new conference style, the unconference Edcamps. Listen as we explain just what is, how to find one in your area, and our favorite things about these wonderful educational experiences. Links to Edcamp Madison's session information : Will be...

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Episode 011 – On Grades and Grading

Grades, grades, and more grades! It's what students, parents, and teachers are constantly worried about. In this podcast, we talk with Tim Quinn, author of On Grades and Grading about the effectiveness of grading students. The trouble with grades is that they mean so...

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Episode 010 – Focusing On Our Strengths

We all have weaknesses that we need to improve on in order to be well-rounded individuals...right? In our discussion, we look at what it takes to be successful. Is being OK at everything better than being exceptional at one? Strengthsfinder 2.0 has helped us define...

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