Fast Formative:

Fast Formative is a powerful tool that allows you to assess students quickly and easily. Simply setup the tool once and you are good to go for the year.

Share the link to the Google Form that is a blank quiz. Then ask student your questions and type in the answers in your answer key sheet. The Fast Formative tool will auto grade students’ responses.

Ideas for the tool:

– Flip teaching quick assess after they watch the video.

– Exit card, ask them 3 questions before they leave your class.

– Break kids into groups, have groups ask the class questions. You type in the right answer to your key and you are all set.

Post your idea below or just let me know what you think about these tools.


Load the two files and go to file, “make copy” and then edit your copies. There is no need to ask for editing rights.

Fast Formative today!


Video Directions / Explanation


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