Google is amazing. I started using google drive this school year. I quickly fell in love with shared google docs, and knew students’ lives would be changed forever. It didn’t take long before I asked myself what else has google given us teachers? The answer is a personal secretary. Ok, I don’t really know what it would feel like to have one of those, as my district has not tried that approach to education. However, I can imagine that it would come with a tremendous increase in productivity. Google Dirve gave me that once I started to play around with spreadsheets and forms. This is the first in a series of video-casts for educators to show just what can be done with a google spreadsheet and a form.

The first spreadsheet magic covers the super grouper. This spreadsheet will help you create groups for your classes in no time. Watch the tutorial video to learn how to get the most out of this amazing, and best of all, pre-built spreadsheet.

Copy Super Grouper.

Other Tools:

Big Brother


Fast Formative

Postmaster Plus