Grades, grades, and more grades! It’s what students, parents, and teachers are constantly worried about. In this podcast, we talk with Tim Quinn, author of On Grades and Grading about the effectiveness of grading students. The trouble with grades is that they mean so many different things to different people. They are used differently by different teachers and interpreted differently by different students. Are grades the most effective way to motivate, assess, and evaluate students? How can we make grades more transparent and purposeful?

Listen to our podcast and check out Tim’s book. You may also find his article A Crash Course On Giving Grades an interesting resource, as well. Our podcast is just the tip of a very controversial iceberg. We would love to hear your thoughts on grading. How do you effectively use grades in your classroom? Are they a positive assessment tool or a necessary evil? What other forms of feedback do you offer students? We look forward to reading your responses…consider writing your own post on this topic!