For both teachers and students, it’s easy to get jazzed for the first day of school. Teachers look to start off with a bang. Students, even if they don’t want to admit it, look forward to seeing their friends, having new classes, and meeting new teachers. On the first day of school there is an excitement in the air, an energy pulsing through the hallways! Then we come back to school the next day and…what?

Well, it might not happen the second day of school, but at some point in the school year the excitement fades and the energy dies. We fall into routines. For teachers and students the days drag on, one after another, until the excitement of the end of school hits sometime in May.

In our podcast, we are discussing ideas for maintaining that “First Day” excitement long after the shiny newness wears off. How can teachers make their class something students look forward to every day? What type of activities can re-spark student energy in those long days in the middle of the year?

The teachers of Edbean offer some fun ideas, but we would love for our entire community of innovative educators to share their thoughts and strategies with us! Leave your ideas in the comment section below and enjoy the podcast!