Why Change?

By a lot of standards, edbean.com has been a big success in the 20 months since it was first created. Just over 14,000 original views, 32 Twitter chats,¬†13…make that 14 podcasts, and countless blog posts on a wide variety of educational topics. We have had guest moderators lead our Twitter chats, guest teachers and administrators on our podcasts, and several educators post their own articles to the community blog. In under two years, we have a lot of which to be proud, but we’re just getting started!

We have simply laid a strong foundation on which to build an even stronger community of educational innovators. It is our hope that with the new look, the clearer message, and the easy of use, that more and more educators will join the Edbean community, connect with other passionate teachers and administrators, and have their voices be heard!

Listen to our latest podcast to hear all about the new and improved Edbean! Did we have to change…no, but as George Bernard Shaw says, “Progress is impossible without change!” We never want to be satisfied with “good enough,” we must keep striving for greatness for ourselves and for our students.