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The back of Ancient Quest:

“Johnny needs an adventure. Since his time-traveling sixth grade year, Johnny’s life has not amounted to anything. Sad and depressed, Johnny now finds himself as a senior in high school and longing to go back to the ancient world. As things are about to hit rock bottom, Johnny is challenged to go back in time for one last adventure. Join Johnny, as he returns to the ancient world on a Quest to redeem himself and to accomplish tasks that will change the lives of the ancient people forever. He will succeed? Johnny’s Ancient Quest begins now…”

Hello. My name is Dan Klumper and I teach 6th grade ancient civilization in South Dakota. I wrote Ancient Quest in 2011 because I wasn’t satisfied with the reading options available for my 6th graders. The textbook is just information, no story, no excitement. The textbook stays on the surface, never dives deep into the truly intriguing topics. I wanted more than informational articles off the internet. I wanted a story. I wanted something that my students would actually want to read. So, I set out to find a book that was a story, yet also had a strong learning component. Well, I couldn’t find anything, so I decided to write my own book. I had had the idea for creating a character and having him time travel to the worlds we learn about for quite some time. He would time travel back to the ancient worlds we study so we could not only learn about those worlds, but we could also experience them through the eyes of Johnny. ┬áIn each world Johnny visits, he has to accomplish a specific task in order to move on to the next world. If he fails a task, he fails his Ancient Quest and is stuck in that world forever. The tasks he must complete help the people of that world in some way such as discovering fire for the Stone Age people, or inventing irrigation for the people of Mesopotamia. He also must tangle with Zeus as he climbs Mt. Olympus, compete in a Gladiator tournament, travel the Silk Road, come face to face with the Black Death among many others. What happens if he accomplishes all his tasks? Well for that, you will have to read the book! Ancient Quest is a great addition to any ancient civilization curriculum. Engage kids with a blockbuster story that will keep them coming back for more! Visit Accept the Quest to see chapter overviews, activities, and more about Johnny’s Ancient Quest!