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We believe that creativity is innate. Educators and children alike have it within ourselves to achieve greatness, if only we are encouraged and challenged. We are born fearless, natural risk-takerswho, as children use our imagination, play in the make believe, embrace the unknown, and create the unimaginable. At Edbean, we want to nurture that fearlessness, that innovation, that creative spirit into adulthood. We want to challenge educators to set high expectations for their students, to not be afraid of creative failure, and to look for new ways to teach.

What is our purpose…

  • To inspire other teachers to think differently and take action to bring about a change in our educational system
  • To rethink the fundamental principles of education, to discuss current trends and lasting practices, and challenge the accepted norms
  • To share our own success and failures, open lines of communication and collaboration, and connect with educator from around the world
  • To supply concrete lessons and instruction that other educators can implent directly into their classroom (not just educational philosophy)

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Not Mad About Summer Ending

With the close of summer, I’ve noticed a theme developing and I don’t like it. It seems that everyone thinks teachers dread summer ending and school starting. I was at the grocery store the other day and a person who knew me asked me if I was ready for... read more

Quit Yelling!

If a kid doesn’t get his homework done, especially on a regular basis, he should just get ripped into right? If a kid doesn’t listen to directions and needs the whole project to be re-explained, how frustrating is that? Let that frustration boil over and... read more

Google Spreadsheet Magic Part 4: Student Progress WOPR

WOPR Student Progress Report This is a great tool used to have several teachers report out to a parent, how a student is doing in their class. This was not built to be a 1:1 system for all students. The idea is for a few students who are really struggling and need... read more

Google Spreadsheet Magic Part 3: Fast Formative

Fast Formative: Fast Formative is a powerful tool that allows you to assess students quickly and easily. Simply setup the tool once and you are good to go for the year. Share the link to the Google Form that is a blank quiz. Then ask student your questions and type in... read more

Session 028 – Everyday Leadership

We have all changed someone’s life — usually without even realizing it. In this funny talk, Drew Dudley calls on all of us to celebrate leadership as the everyday act of improving each other’s lives. (Filmed at TEDxToronto). Everyone has potential to... read more

Episode 013 – Six Teachers Talking PD!

Today, we at edbean.com had the pleasure of working with three teachers from Denmark. Now before you get too crazy over the international coolness of that last sentence, you need to know Denmark, Wisconsin is not international. In fact, it’s just 90 miles away,... read more

Google Spreadsheet Magic Part 2: Big Brother

Welcome to the second part of my Google spreadsheet series. This spreadsheet is designed to kick butt. It is a quick written response system. Many LMS, learning management systems, allow for students to hand in their work to the teacher. However, these systems make... read more

Google Spreadsheet Magic Part 1: Super Grouper

Google is amazing. I started using google drive this school year. I quickly fell in love with shared google docs, and knew students’ lives would be changed forever. It didn’t take long before I asked myself what else has google given us teachers? The... read more

Collaborating With The Arts

Why Should You Collaborate With An Arts Teacher? The arts are all around us…the joy of listening to music or going to a concert, the interesting magazine cover or billboard advertisement, the amazing reality show performance everyone is talking about or the... read more