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We Are…

We are a community of life-long learners. Yes, we are educators. We are the ones responsible for teaching young minds. But as strong educators, we know that in order to stay effective, influential, and relevant in our students’ lives, we must never stop learning. Here at Edbean, we want to create a community that challenges each other, that inspires one another, and that supports the educators who are looking to grow. We want to provide a place for educators to post their thoughts, reflect on their teaching, and respond to the ever-changing world of education. We are a place to post your classroom triumphs and curricular successes. We are a place to blog about the new lesson that failed and the “almost win” that did not quite work out. We encourage you to blog about the coolest new app or online educational resource. We want you to post questions you have about latest teaching trend or classroom pedagogy. We encourage everyone to not just post, but to comment and respond to each other: enthusiastically agree, respectfully disagree, ask questions, or offer a different point of view. We are teachers and administrators. We are first-year educators and educators teaching the children of our former students. We are tech-savvy gurus and tech-terrified newbies. We are individuals, striving to be better than yesterday, never settling for “good enough”, and always willing to do what is best for our students.

We are a community of life-long learners…

Become a Stronger Educator

  • Take risks that will help you grow
  • Challenge yourself to be better
  • Reflect on your teaching
  • Make the needed changes

Your Voice Is Needed

  • Post your thoughts and ideas
  • Tweet out a podcast that you liked
  • Comment on others’ posts
  • Join a #edbean Twitter chat

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Episode 018 – Writing Circles

“Student Voice and Student Choice” is a tre […] “Student Voice and Student Choice” is a trendy educational mantra these days, yet putting into practice can be difficult. Joining edbean.com for this podcast is 6th grade English teacher, Brad Dunning (@USMBrad). He shares with us his experience... read more

Home Brewed #GAFE tools

Over the last year I have fallen in love with google tools, add-ons, and sheets. I have created several tools over that time that I have shared with the world. I thought it might be helpful to have one entry that catalogs them all. So here is a brief description with... read more

10 Minute Tuneup

When the going gets tough (#March), the tough get going (#10MinuteTuneup). It’s that time of year when students are burned out because they’ve worked hard, and they have not had a break for a while. Winter break is a historic memory, and Spring break is a distant... read more

Building an Amazing Race Activity!

A lot of peoplehave been asking me about an activity I have used called “The Amazing Race”.  I’ve used the strategy at two professional learning sessions and anEdcamp, and it has been very successful all three times. Therefore, I’d like to... read more

Session 045 – Kickin’ It Old School

This weeks chat is all about old school. In this digital, fast paced, and often crazy world we live in we are surrounded by new and innovative designs. As seen in this video for Ikea 2015 catalog with the introduction of the BookBook. Equipped with new tactile... read more

Session 044 – What Are Your Students Learning?

#Edbean Twitter Chat Tuesday, February 17th at 9pm CST How much do you really remember from school? I took 2 years of French in high school and another two years in college, and now I remember very little. I finished high school having completed AP classes, honor... read more

Using Minecraft to Teach and Engage Learners

Can Minecraft really be used as an effective tool to use in teaching? Absolutely! My grade 3 class just completed creating structures in Minecraft as part of our science unit. I should preface this post with the point that I know and still know very little when it... read more

Session 043 – Innovation and Ideas Chat

Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship! The sum of all the parts in todays educational landscape is presented in this TEDx video. The speaker, Alex Eckert or @alexeckert, Vice Principal at Livermore (CA) High School, suggests we get out of the way of our students,... read more

#GAFE Magic Part 5: Postmaster Plus Mail Merge for All

Postmaster Plus: This is one of the coolest spreadsheet tools to help streamline your efficiency. For this tool you to work you will need to install Yet Another Mail Merge Add-on into your Google sheets.  With this sheet and the mail merge add-on you will be writing... read more

Session 042 – Game-based Learning

Game-based Learning is nothing new. In fact, the video below is from 2010. Five years ago, Jane McGonigal gave an inspiring TED Talk, that was a call-to-action for this very topic. So…where are all the games? Where are the groundbreaking Game-based Learning... read more

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