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We are a community of life-long learners. Yes, we are educators. We are the ones responsible for teaching young minds. But as strong educators, we know that in order to stay effective, influential, and relevant in our students’ lives, we must never stop learning. Here at Edbean, we want to create a community that challenges each other, that inspires one another, and that supports the educators who are looking to grow. We want to provide a place for educators to post their thoughts, reflect on their teaching, and respond to the ever-changing world of education. We are a place to post your classroom triumphs and curricular successes. We are a place to blog about the new lesson that failed and the “almost win” that did not quite work out. We encourage you to blog about the coolest new app or online educational resource. We want you to post questions you have about latest teaching trend or classroom pedagogy. We encourage everyone to not just post, but to comment and respond to each other: enthusiastically agree, respectfully disagree, ask questions, or offer a different point of view. We are teachers and administrators. We are first-year educators and educators teaching the children of our former students. We are tech-savvy gurus and tech-terrified newbies. We are individuals, striving to be better than yesterday, never settling for “good enough”, and always willing to do what is best for our students.

We are a community of life-long learners…

Become a Stronger Educator

  • Take risks that will help you grow
  • Challenge yourself to be better
  • Reflect on your teaching
  • Make the needed changes

Your Voice Is Needed

  • Post your thoughts and ideas
  • Tweet out a podcast that you liked
  • Comment on others’ posts
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Session 38 – Peer Coaching

Time: 9:00 CST, Tuesday Nov 18th Session 38 is all about peer coaching. At Miami Device conference, I met @daveguymon at his session on peer coaching. It was a wonderful session filled with neat ideas on the topic. It didn’t take me long to think that this would... read more

Session 037 – Bigger Impact by Leading Small

OK, let me start off by saying that since I learned about Lead Small from my church, the video and initial appearance of this chat has a religious feel. However, it is the pedagogy of this movement happening in churches, that I feel could have a huge impact on schools... read more

Session 036 – The Little Things…

Time: 9 CST Date: OCT 21ST As successful teachers we all have little things that we have figured out to help our classes run smoothly. At Edcamp Chicago last year there was a session on Eduhax which was great. The speaker, @joemacchia, started off talking about what... read more

Episode 016 – Moonshot Thinking

Does this sound familiar? You make a goal and set out to try to achieve it. Something goes wrong, put a band-aid on  it. Something is broken…figure out a quick fix and keep moving on. Something doesn’t quite work…no time to start over, keep building.... read more

Family Reunion: An #edcampgb 2014 Reflection

That was fun! #edcampgb 2014 is in the books, so after a day of rest and thought, here are four key take aways from the experience. …but first, let me take a selfie 1.  The spirit of education is still very much alive. Leading up to edcamp Green Bay, there was a... read more

EduMatch: Not a Dating Site

On Friday night, I was bored.  It was one of those rare days when I was home with nothing to do.  Well, I had plenty to do, but I didn’t feel like doing it.  That would have gone against everything that Friday night stood for. Anyway, my mind started to wander... read more

Session 034 – Making the Most of Our Jelly Beans…

#Edbean twitter chat will meet September 23, 2014 at 9:00 PM Central Standard time. Effective time use to enhance the experience is our topic tonight. The video below, your life in jelly beans, helps put into perspective the importance of maximizing our time. Life is... read more

Classroom Budget: Built To Last…

I have been toying around with this post for some time now. Hemming and hawing if the topic of money would be ok for a post. Then I thought, we are all teachers, most, if not all, spend their own money on their classrooms. This is the angle I took for this post.... read more

Episode 015 – Maintaining Excitement After Day One

For both teachers and students, it’s easy to get jazzed for the first day of school. Teachers look to start off with a bang. Students, even if they don’t want to admit it, look forward to seeing their friends, having new classes, and meeting new teachers.... read more

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